You may choose to add wall mounted lights to your house for functional reasons, such as a bulkhead light by the back door for safety, or a sconce to help illuminate a dark hallway. But there’s no reason wall mounted lights have to be strictly utilitarian. Styles are available for both indoors and out that provide needed illumination and look beautiful at the same time wall wash landscape lights

One of the most convenient types of wall lights for outdoors is a dusk to dawn light. It does exactly what its name implies: turns on when it gets dark enough, then turns off when it’s light enough due to its photocell sensor. But you can get much more creative with outdoor wall mounted lights. You can even install a colour changing LED wall light outside to add a glorious wash of colour over a wall. The effect is beguiling, and lovely for entertaining.

Indoor wall mounted lights also come in a broad array of selections. Whether your decor is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, you’re sure to find styles of wall lights for indoors that can give you the level of illumination and the mood effect that you desire.

Whether you want wall mounted lights for indoors or outdoors, you should consider energy saving LED lights. These beauties not only provide bright, clear light, but also use very little energy, last a long time, and are virtually maintenance free. Numerous style choices are available in wall mounted LED lights too.

Wall lighting is a great way to indulge your creativity when decorating your house. It can be a feature unto itself or it can be used strategically to cast light onto something else, such as a favorite photograph or a work of art. Lighting is a wonderful decorative element in that it is not only beautiful and useful, but is very effective in creating mood in your decor.

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